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BoSox/Yanks, and the Fox and MLB folks are a bunch of morons

With Boston and New York fighting for the A.L. East division lead, I thought it would be nice to watch today's game, with Josh Beckett facing off against the Big Unit.

Unfortunately, I don't get to watch that game. Even though it is being shown on Fox, and Fox has its "window of exclusivity" today, I'm not getting the Boston/Yankees game.

Instead, I'm being shown a meaningless Cards/Cubs game, apparently because I'm in Houston, and Houston fans (in the minds of Fox and MLB) would much rather watch meaningless games between teams in the same division as the Astros than the Boston/New York game.

However, I've got no interest in that game. So I'm not watching any baseball right now...I've got the PGA Championship on instead.

Way to go, Fox...

Not much of a game now, I was typing this, the Yanks just exploded for 5 runs, giving them a 10-5 lead over Boston.

And native Texan Josh Beckett had another horrible outing...9 ER in 5 2/3 IP, with 7 hits, 9 walks, and 2 Ks. Of course, he only gave up 1 home run, so that is a moral victory, of sorts.

Remember, one of the reasons advocates of dealing for Beckett offered for getting him was that he had proven he could handle the pressure of pitching against the Yankees, on the big stage.

Beckett has now given up 20 runs against the Yanks this year, in 14 innings.

Beckett now has a 5.35 ERA on the season, and has to be classified as a pretty big disappointment for the Red Sox.