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Wednesday stuff

Nice win last night. Nice outing from Adam Eaton. Really nice tape measure shot from GMJ to put the game away.

And with an Anaheim win last night, the Rangers are back to just 3 games out of first place, and 2.5 games back of the Angles.

Evan Grant's latest Rangers newsletter is up, and features a couple of questions from folks who are asking about Buck's job being in jeopardy.

Tim Cowlishaw did a chat session at the DMN yesterday, fielding largely Rangers questions...he says that the Rangers "have to" sign Carlos Lee (which would be a big mistake), and that Buck's job could be in jeopardy if the team finishes 8-10 games out and in last place.

The S-T will be having a chat session here with Jan Hubbard and Kat O'Brien at noon today.

Evan Grant says Scott Feldman will head back to AAA today, making room for Kip Wells, who will start in today's game (which is a 12:10 start).

Grant also has a couple of interesting stat notes...yesterday's day off broke a string of 52 consecutive games for Mark DeRosa, who played in just 53 games last year, and since May 10, Joaquin Benoit has appeared in just one game that the Rangers have won.