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New DMN newsletter up

The latest DMN Rangers newsletter is up...

The most interesting item, I thought:

Q: What is your best guess as to what the Rangers' starting outfield will look like next year? Do you think the Rangers will pay the cash necessary to re-sign the middle-of-the-order bat they have lacked in Carlos Lee and the center fielder they have been desperate for in Gary Matthews Jr.? Also, will Brad Wilkerson return or will the Rangers decide to non-tender him since he's coming off such a terrible season?

Jason Lustig

GRANT: Hopefully, you've got the gist of the Matthews' situation from above. We think it's important he return and we think he should be among the Rangers' highest priorities, but that ensures absolutely nothing.

Of the three players you mention, the most likely to be back, I think, is Wilkerson. I expect he'll be non-tendered and I expect he'll sign a deal for considerably less than the $4 million he made this year. But I think both the Rangers and Wilkerson want to see that deal work out.

Lee is going to be one of the most attractive bats on the market this winter. Since he turned down four years and $48 million from Milwaukee just before he was traded, I'm assuming he wants to test the market - unless somebody bowls him over. That somebody right now, would have to be the Rangers. I suspect they'd have to offer him in excess of $13 million for at least five years. Quite frankly, if I'm the Rangers and I'm willing to make that kind of commitment, I think I'm going to Michael Young first. And if they've got that money to throw around to multiple players, well, good for them. And good for Rangers fans.

I'm glad to see that the Rangers, and Wilkerson, both want to give it another go in 2007.