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Carlos Lee and the Astros

Ken Rosenthal has a piece on Carlos Lee switching to and from Scott Boras, and the implications of him going back to his old agent, Adam Katz. Rosenthal says that going back to Katz enhances the chances of the Astros getting him...Houston is still unhappy with the way Boras handled the Carlos Beltran negotiations, and apparently were going to have less interest in Lee if he were to be represented by Boras.

As a lot of you probably know, I live in Houston, and the Carlos Lee situation was discussed on one of the sports stations down here at some length this morning. The hosts said that they've heard a lot of talk about how the Astro front office wants Lee and has made them their top priority this offseason, particularly now that he's backed off on Boras, and that Lee is supposedly real interested in Houston.

With Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte and Jeff Bagwell all coming off the books this offseason (the Astros are paying them, combined, approximately $40 million for 2006), they'll have money to spend, so hopefully, they'll make a ridiculous offer and Carlos Lee will go there after the season.