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More on Carlos Lee and money

I was asked in the comments of the last Carlos Lee post what I would rather the Rangers spend $12 million on in 2007, since I don't want the Rangers to give Lee 4 years, $48 million.

Some possibilities off the top of my head...

  1. Gary Sheffield (get him from the Yanks, who won't exercise his option)
  2. Barry Zito (for Millwood money on a 4 year deal)
  3. Craig Wilson (on a two year, $10 million deal) and either Vicente Padilla (on a 2-3 year deal) or Adam Eaton (on a one year contract)
  4. Pat Burrell (with the Phillies paying $8 million of the $32 million he's owed the next two years)
  5. Jeff Suppan (1 year, $5 million) and Mike Cameron (2 years, $12 million)
  6. Barry Bonds (1 year, $10 million base, with incentives based on playing time that could make it worth $16 million)
  7. Ken Griffey, Jr. and Eric Gagne (the super-duper "if they can just stay healthy" option)

    Update [2006-8-3 21:37:41 by Adam J. Morris]: --

  8. Another thought...Andy Pettitte at 1 year, $12 million.