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Thursday morning things

Disappointing outing for Robinson Tejeda last night, although really good work from Josh Rupe and C.J. Wilson.

Oh, and Gerald Laird didn't look half-bad behind the plate. Wonder if he might not be a decent starting catcher one of these days? Not as good as Rod Barajas, of course, but maybe if some team gets desperate, he could get a shot...

The biggest item out there today, I think, is Jamey Newberg's report today, on the managerial situation. My opinions on the matter are, I think, pretty clear...but I'd strongly, strongly encourage folks to check out Jamey's report today, as well, and see what his thoughts are.

Tom Hicks apparently held court yesterday with the media, as Jan Hubbard of the S-T and Evan Grant of the DMN offer some excerpts of what he had to say.

Following up on yesterday's trade, Willie Randolph said that Victor Diaz was having "focus" issues, and the Newsday report indicates that Diaz apparently wasn't listening to Randolph, which hastened his departure.

And a really interesting item in Ken Daley's notes on the official Ranger website...Daley says, in a nutshell, that as bad as a couple of Jon Daniels' moves look now, it is nothing compared to John Hart's December, 2002, when he traded Travis Hafner for Einar Diaz and then signed the Ho.