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Some prospect stuff

BP's Scouting Notebook today includes items on John Danks and Edinson Volquez. Volquez, the anonymous scout quoted says, was touching 97 with the fastball in the game he watched, and has a plus change and a solid curve. Volquez got good reviews, with the scout saying that you can't not like Volquez, it is just a question of how much you like him, and whether his command and durability will allow him to be a front-of-the-rotation starter.

Danks got some love, as well, with the scout saying he's impressed with Danks, but that Danks needs to work on his fastball command.

Almost two weeks ago, I said:

Looking thru the minor league box scores from yesterday, I saw that Spokane's Christopher Davis had a 3 homer day yesterday.

It only got him up to .202/.252/.444 for the season, but it is nice to see...Davis, the Rangers' 5th rounder, is just 20 years old, a little younger than most players in the Northwest League.

The Rangers don't really have any real power-hitting prospects in their system right now, unless you count Jason would be nice if Davis could get himself on the prospect map...

From a 697 OPS then, Davis is now leading the Northwest League with a 973 OPS, and is also leading in homers, with 12. The 38/11 K/BB ratio is a little worrisome, but Davis has really started lighting it up for Spokane, and should start getting some attention from the prospect folks.

Tug Hulett is continuing to hit in Frisco, posting a .392/.500/.532 line since his promotion, with some pretty dramatic splits...through August 1, he had a 531 OPS against lefties, versus a 1264 OPS against righthanders. If anyone has seen him play out in Frisco, I'd be interested in your observations on him...

Drew Meyer, on the other hand, has stopped hitting...he's now at .240/.291/.322 for the year, and I have to think he'll be dropped from the 40 man roster this offseason.