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John Koronka

For those who are waving the "John Koronka sucks" banner...

Koronka now has a 5.31 ERA on the year. It was just under 5.00 before tonight's game.

The 5.31 would be equivalent to an ERA+ of about 84 or so.

For the season, coming into tonight's game, he had a VORP of 16.7. That's probably a few points lower now...but before tonight, that was 4th on the Ranger pitching staff, behind only Millwood, Padilla and Otsuka.

Now, that isn't great.

But it isn't awful, either.

For a 5th starter making the league minimum, I can live with that.

I think Rangers fans saying that Koronka is terrible, that his performance this year has been completely unacceptable, are not being realistic.