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Morning of darkness

Three game losing streak, now. The storm clouds are gathering. 5.5 games out of first, 6 games back in the loss column...the season is slipping away.

Last night, when Ian Kinsler hit what looked like a 2 run double, that Eric Chavez snared and turned into a double play...that was a tipping point for me. At that point, I concluded that it wasn't happening for the Rangers this season. Just one more play in what has seemed like a season of being snakebitten.

Watching Edinson Volquez last night, you can definitely see why folks are so fired up about him. Pretty electric stuff. And at the same time, you can see why he hasn't been up this season until now...definitely command issues he's having to work through. But if he can improve his command, he looks like he could be real, real good.

Kat O'Brien says Gerald Laird starts today, Rod Barajas starts know, just in case you mistakenly thought Laird had become the starting catcher...