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Majewski hurt

Sounds like the Rangers aren't the only team that has gotten damaged goods from the Nationals via trade...

Cincinnati has put Gary Majewski on the disabled list...and Majewski, of course, was (along with Bill Bray) one of the main components of the Austin Kearns/Felipe Lopez trade earlier this summer...

Gary Majewski was definitely hurt when the Washington Nationals traded him to the Reds July 13.

He knew it. It sounds like people in the Washington organization knew it. But the Reds did not know it - until Majewski told them Monday morning.

* * *

Majewski, a 26-year-old right-hander, has hurt a lot more than he has helped since the trade. He fell to 1-2 with a 12.54 ERA with the Reds after he gave up four runs on four hits and took the loss Sunday.

The Reds knew they had to do something about Majewski after the game, but until Monday morning, they didn't know why.

That's when Majewski told them about the shoulder. The shocking part is it has been sore since March and he had a cortisone shot just days before the trade.

"I fired it up too quick after the World Baseball Classic," Majewski said. "I had tendinitis. I've been on anti-inflammatories pretty much most of the year.

"Right before the break, I had a cortisone shot. I felt pretty good for two weeks. The last week it started wearing off."

Majewski's results reflected that. He has given up 21 hits in 91/3 innings since the trade.

The bout with tendinitis was news to the Reds.

The club did not get an MRI done at the time of the trade. The club relied on a report from Washington's trainers, Krivsky said.

"We didn't hear anything (about an injury)," Krivsky said. "We talked to the trainers and everything was fine ... based on the information we had at the time. Everything seemed OK."

Kremchek is a consultant to the Nationals. Majewski said Kremchek did not treat him for tendinitis.

If Washington withheld information about the injury, it could lead to a grievance.

The trade, which looked bad at the time for the Reds, looks awful now.

But the real question here is, did the Reds fail to do their due diligence, or did the Nats not disclose information about Majewski that they should have?