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Jamie Foxx on MNF

ESPN dragged Jamie Foxx into the MNF booth for a little bit tonight. He was a guest in Dan Snyder's booth, along with Tom Cruise and...well, whatever you want to describe poor, pitiful Katie Holmes as.

Anyway, they were talking to Foxx about being at the game, and he said something along the lines of, "I'm from Dallas, so of course I'm a Cowboys fan, but I'm also a big fan of the Redskins and what they've done here."

I'm calling Jamie Foxx out, here. No one is a Cowboys fan and a big fan of the Redskins. That's like saying, "I'm from New York, so I love the Yankees, but I'm also a big fan of the Red Sox." It is so far beyond the credible that it took me about two hours to come and post this, because the comment stunned me into paralysis.

So, to hell with Jamie Foxx. He's a sellout, and pandering to Danny Snyder. A real Cowboy fan would have accepted the invitation to the Redskins' owner booth, and then worn a Dallas Cowboy baseball cap like Elaine with the Orioles cap on Seinfeld, and rooted loudly for the Vikings all night.

And he would have eaten all the food in the box, drunk all the expensive liquor, spilled stuff on the carpeting, and taken a gigantic crap in the box's private bathroom and then not flushed.

Also, this reminds me of a story from my college days. One of my friends, whom I'll call "Jerome", used to date this girl named Brandi, who then started dating Jamie Foxx.

First of all, don't ever date a Brandi. Or a Brandy. They are all crazy, just like girls named Misty.

But anyway, Jerome said that Jamie Foxx dating Brandi just showed how dumb Jamie Foxx was, because he was treating her well, taking her places, etc., whereas Jerome felt she was not a girl who warranted being taken all those places.

He exclaimed one night, after much drinking, "Jamie Foxx is so stupid, he took Brandi with him to Europe. I wouldn't take Brandi to McDonald's!"

So anyway...Jamie Foxx isn't a real Cowboy fan.