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I won the Melissa Lima dress!!!

Okay, remember how I posted about the auction of Jose Lima's wife's dress?

This dress?

Well, I ended up winning the bidding.

I just bid on it as a goof, figuring I'd be out-bid.

But since I won, I get the dress, and an 8" X 10" photo of the famous picture, with an inscription and autograph from Melissa Lima.

But...I don't know what to ask her to write...

Well, for that matter, I don't know what to do with the dress, either, although I think that, at some point in the offseason, I'll make my brother Ben put it on, and take a few photos in it, and post them on here, so you can see how he compares to Mrs. Lima.

But anyway...I'm opening it up for suggestions. What should I request be written on the photo?