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Thursday things

Well, after the excitement last night from the GMJ cycle and, more importantly, the news that LSB now possesses one of the most memorable pieces of baseball wife memorabilia in recent years -- topped off by the remarkable fact that Joaquin Arias drew a walk in his first major league plate appearance -- this morning's news is inevitably going to be a bit of a letdown...

In what is presumably one of his final columns, since it has been widely reported that he's taking a buyout to leave the DMN, Gerry Fraley bitches about the 2006 Rangers, using the brawl with the Angels and its aftermath as the structure for his bitching.

Evan Grant, meanwhile, has a primer on beanball etiquette.

T.R. Sullivan reports that Buck Showalter doesn't expect any fireworks this time around with the Angels...

Kat O'Brien touches on Hank Blalock's recent slump, saying that he and Rudy Jaramillo have identified the problem with his swing, but haven't been able to fix it.