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Friday morning things

The big story, I guess, is Jon Daniels saying there is "no plan to change managers" for 2007.

Except I don't really see this as a big story...what else is Daniels going to say, at this point? Last year about now, the company line was that there were no plans to change general managers...

More interesting to me is Tom Hicks saying the decision on Showalter is Daniels' to make...

Randy Galloway has his doubts about Buck Showalter coming back, saying the chances are 50/50 in a column that compares Buck to Bill Parcells. A couple of key excerpts:

Don't think the bean-counters aren't currently in Hicks' ear. There are season tickets that must be sold in the off-season. How easy would Buck be to sell to the fans these days? Would, say, a Lou Piniella, or some other new manager, suddenly pump in fresh dollars this winter and next spring?

Nothing personal, Buck, but it's about the bucks. So goes the business doctrine.

Plus, Showalter should now really be concerned. Before Thursday night's game with the Angels he was a given a lukewarm, verbal butt-pat by Hicks and GM Jon Daniels.

But the real truth on Buck will come in October, once the bean-counters are finished munching on Hicks' ear.

* * *

Bill Parcells. Buck Showalter.

What's the difference?

For one thing, media perception. And in most cases, fan perception.

Showalter is considered a failure, and someone who should be on his last managerial legs here.

Parcells is not exactly regarded as a success during his Valley Ranch tenure, but there's rampant optimism that an immediate change is about to happen. Well, at least there was until last weekend in Jacksonville.

Still, no one is hinting, media-wise, that Big Bill should be fired. Buck, however, is reading the hints.

Edinson Volquez's outing last night was encouraging, if a bit short. But Richard Durrett reports Volquez changed a few things, which he believes helped.

Durrett also had a chat session yesterday...

There's a lot of news out there today about Rangers players possibly going elsewhere...

The Philadelphia Daily News has this on Carlos Lee:

The Astros are rumored to be preparing to take a run at free-agent slugger Carlos Lee at the end of the season, reasoning that a strong righthanded bat that could take regular aim at the Crawford Boxes in left would fit perfectly into their lineup. Buyer beware: Lee has hit only eight homers for the Rangers since the All-Star break and some Texas officials reportedly believe it's because he's badly out of shape.

Carlos Lee? Badly out of shape? Nooooooooo...

The Chicago Tribune talks about the possibility of the Cubs pursuing GMJ, if they can't (or decide not to) re-sign Juan Pierre.

We have this story out of Baltimore, about the Orioles possibly acquiring Mark Teixeira this offseason, that includes this nauseating segment:

The rumblings out of Arlington, Texas, seem to indicate that the Rangers will make major changes this winter. Everyone, including Teixeira, is rumored to be available. According to various sources, manager Buck Showalter has alienated most of his roster this season -- Teixeira included -- and owner Tom Hicks is ready to blow it up and start over.

And finally, the Chicago Tribune discusses the ChiSox trying to trade for Michael Young this coming offseason.