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Discussion thread -- blowing it up

To follow up on a comment I made in one of the diaries...

Michael Young is under team control for as long as Mark Teixeira is. They both will be eligible for free agency after 2008, along with Hank Blalock (unless the team exercises Blalock's 2009 option).

There has been talk among some fans that Teixeira should be traded, because he's not going to stay here long-term anyway. But Young's comments yesterday don't sound like the comments of a player dedicated to spending his life with one team, if that team is going to continue to be mired in mediocrity. At this point, I don't know that the chances of keeping Young after 2008 are, realistically, that much greater than the chances of keeping Teixeira.

So, I wanted to open it up for discussion...are the Rangers just better off pulling a Florida, scrapping this core, and starting over?

Should the Rangers let all their free agents go, deal Teixeira, Blalock, Otsuka, Millwood, and Young for prospects, and lose 100 games with a $20 million payroll for a couple of years while waiting for those prospects to develop?

Or should the Rangers continue to try to move forward and win in the next couple of years with this group of players?