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Saturday morning stuff

Not much out there this a.m., really...

Nice outing by Tejeda last night. I share some of the concerns vocalized in the comments of my last post about his peripherals, but I think his K rate is going to tick up a little...I'm comfortable slotting him as the #4 starter next year, and letting the Cast of Thousands vie for the #5 job...

I was glad to see the Rangers let Matt Stairs go on waivers to the Tigers...not a big deal, and Daniels was clear that Stairs didn't ask out, but it was a classy move to let a veteran like Stairs go somewhere he can play and be in a pennant race the rest of the way.

It would be nice if we could see Jason Botts get activated, now, and get some DH ABs the rest of the way.

The Rangers have a 745 OPS for the month of September, and have scored just 54 runs. They are 12th in the majors in EQA right now.

A lot of the blame for the Rangers' problems this season has been assigned to the pitching...and while there's some truth to that, the offense has not exactly carried its weight, either. Daniels has apparently said he wants to try to acquire a big bat this offseason for either the LF or DH slot, and I'm all in favor of that.