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Doug Mirabelli needs to take a Midol

Doug Mirabelli is throwing a temper tantrum over comments made about him by San Diego g.m. Kevin Towers.

To recap, the Padres traded for Mirabelli back in December. They then signed Mike Piazza to be their starting catcher, which, according to Towers, put Mirabelli in a funk.

Towers says Mirabelli whined, was mad about being the backup, saying that he was only willing to be a backup in Boston, asked not to start in a game because his head wasn't into things, and asked to be sent back to Boston because all he watched on TV or thought about was the Red Sox.

Mirabelli is now bitching about Towers going public with this stuff, and is accusing him of "character assassination," but interestingly enough, he doesn't appear to be out-and-out denying anything Towers said.

Between this and David Ortiz's "Derek Jeter doesn't drive in enough runs to be MVP" rant the other day, things appear to be entertaining in Boston...