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A possible Michael Young record?

Michael Young has 650 ABs this season. That puts him first in the A.L., 2 ABs ahead of Ichiro, and puts him in striking distance of the all-time single-season AB record.

The record for ABs in one season is 705, set by Willie Wilson in 1980. Ichiro is second, with 704 in 2002, and Juan Samuel had 701 in 1984.

Young's 2004 season, when he had 690 ABs, is actually tied with Neifi Perez's 1999 season for 14th on the all-time list.

Young is currently averaging 4.276 ABs per game, and at this pace, if he plays each of the last 10 games, he'd end up with 693 ABs, putting him in sole possession of 11th place.

However, if the Rangers can get some high-scoring games going, and Young can average 5 ABs per game the rest of the way, he would be just the 4th major leaguer to have 700 ABs in a season. And with a couple of lengthy extra-inning games thrown in, he could conceivably challenge Wilson's record.

However, Young is facing a stiff challenge from Juan Pierre, who has 653 ABs so far this season, and also has 10 games left.

You can see the all-time single-season AB leaders here.