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A random trivia question

Because things are slow today, I figured I'd throw out a random trivia question.

Coming into the 2006 season, if you ranked all colleges and universities in order of total number of major league home runs hit by players from that school, what are the top three schools?

Everyone is on the honor system...I'm going to trust that folks will submit their answers without looking up the answer, or looking up what school various players went to...

Please post your guesses in the comments...I will update this post with the answer around 3 or 4 this afternoon...

Update [2006-9-21 16:46:23 by Adam J. Morris]: -- The answer...

#1 -- USC, 3311, led by Mark McGwire, Dave Kingman, and Freddy Lynn

#2 -- Arizona State, 3119, led by Barry Bonds, Reggie Jackson, and Sal Bando

#3 -- UCLA, 1981, led by Erik Karros, Todd Zeile, and Troy Glaus