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Saturday morning things

Mark Teixeira? He's pretty good. On the Rangers website, there is an article noting that, with 2 more home runs, Teixeira will pass Joe DiMaggio for fourth place on the "most homers in a player's first four seasons" list.

Of course, that list is going to be somewhat skewed, since a lot of players are going to have a September callup for their first season, rather than four full seasons.

Still, not a bad start to Teixeira's career.

In case you didn't see the diary at right, Chris Young took a no-hitter into the 9th last night. He now has a 3.55 ERA on the year. He's pretty good, too. That trade hasn't worked out too well...

John Koronka will be joining the Rangers' AFL contingent. No word on who the fourth, and final, Ranger pitcher going will be.

And Kat O'Brien has some Wes Littleton love...