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Buckles is baffling

The Rangers are down 6-2 in the fifth inning of a meaningless game in late September.

Buckles pulls his starter with the bases empty and two outs, sends in Ron Mahay to face a lefty, and then, after Mahay allows a single, lifts him for Joaquin Benoit.

That sort of micro-managing would be kind of dumb if the Rangers were in the race.

But at this point? Ridiculous...I don't know what he's trying to prove...

Update [2006-9-24 18:41:55 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Okay, it has been pointed out that Mahay was pulled after getting hit on the hand by a comebacker, and thus his getting pulled may have been because of an injury, and otherwise would have faced more than one hitter.

Which makes this whole rant irrelevant. So feel free to disregard it...