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Monday morning items

The Rangers are now sitting at .500 on the season, needing a split over their final 6 games, all on the road, to have a .500 season on the year.

Seattle lost last night, so Texas still remains 3 games up on the Mariners in an effort to stay out of last place.

Not much to discuss today that wasn't hit on yesterday -- the Buck Watch and the Carlos Lee fiasco are the main things of note.

Jan Hubbard does have an item about Joaquin Arias getting a couple of starts this final week, with Michael Young going to DH for those games. Arias is apparently going to start tonight.

And T.R. Sullivan has a piece on Gerald Laird's September slump, which includes this worrisome thought:

The Rangers have talked about the possibility of re-signing Barajas and keep their catching tandem intact.