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Adam Eaton, reading from the script

T.R. Sullivan's notes tonight have some comments from Adam Eaton, on what has been a lost season and his pending free agency.

And Eaton's comments on staying with Texas sound familiar:

Eaton is a free agent after the season. The Rangers would like him back next year and he would like to be back. But that's not his first priority.

"I want to win the World Series," Eaton said. "That's foremost what I want to look at when I choose a place to play. People remember you not for how much money you make, but how many World Series you win and how you perform in the playoffs."

As far as the Rangers, Eaton said, "I want to see who we re-sign or who we sign. That will play a huge role -- who they sign. Could I see myself here? Definitely. I enjoyed my time here and I was treated really well by the owner and the front office. That hasn't gone unnoticed."

So...sounds a lot like Mark Teixeira's comments yesterday:

"I'd love to win here, no doubt about it," Teixeira said. "There's connection between me and the community, the fans and my teammates. The problem is, I don't want to get used to losing. It makes me jealous of players like Derek Jeter, who is there every year with a chance to win the World Series from Day 1."

And like ike Young's comments from a couple of weeks ago:

"I'm all about winning games; it's as simple as that. Where I end up after this contract is over, it's going to be with a team that has the best chance of winning the World Series. There's no secret to that, they know that."

Geez...maybe it is just coincidence, but those sound like guys reading from the same scripts...