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Wednesday morning things

Yay, a win. Robinson Tejeda continues to impress, and while his peripherals are a little worrisome -- his K rate should be higher, especially given his low GB/FB ration -- I think he's locked himself into a starting spot for next year.

Evan Grant discusses the contrast between Tejeda and Edinson Volquez, with Tejeda solidifying a spot the Rangers 2007 rotation over the last 6 weeks of the season, while Volquez has been hammered, causing the Rangers to stage an "intervention" with him yesterday. Buck, Mark Connor and Dom Chiti all met with him to let him know he wasn't going to pitch again in the majors this year, and to map out a plan for what they want him to do in the offseason.

Not Rangers related, but obviously, the Terrell Owens situation is a big story right can see a copy of the police report here.

Kat O'Brien has a piece on Carlos Lee's pending free agency, with Lee interested in coming back, and the Rangers at least saying that they are interested in bringing him back. Personally, I think he's gone, but we'll see...