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The Hicks interview

I'm now having a chance to listen to Hicks on Galloway's show, and I'm going to blog along as I listen to share my thoughts...

Galloway says that there are things that "suggest...that, come Monday...Buck Showalter will, one way or the other, no longer be the Ranger manager." He then asks Hicks if that's the way things are going to go down.

Hicks says that Buck and Jon Daniels are going to be going over to Hicks' house on Tuesday evening for dinner, and will talk about the season and have a candid conversation about "what we did right, what we did wrong."

Here's what I think is rather telling...he immediately followed that with, "Buck has a contract, and he's protected by that contract."

Then says that there's "no more loyal Ranger" than Buck, and that he's going to want to do what's right for this team.

No "Buck is my manager," none of the "maybe we need new players" we heard from Hicks a couple of weeks ago.

"Obviously, I'm going to need to listen to my general manager, Jon Daniels, recommendation as well."

Randy says that it sounds like Hicks is saying that a decision will come Tuesday on Buck. Hicks says, Tuesday will be the start, and it "depends on what comes up Tuesday night." It may take a while to decide.

Randy asks if Hicks has any personal feelings, if he's leaning one way or the other. Hicks says he's not going to lean until he talks to them on Tuesday.

Hicks says that things didn't go the way folks' wanted them to this year, and he wants to know why.

Galloway asks if the opinion of the players matters. Hicks says that you can't ignore issues with players being unhappy, if they are unhappy, but that he hasn't talked to the players. He says Jon Daniels has been with the team, has talked to the players, and has a much better "feel" for the situation.

Steve Dennis asks about the "culture of the clubhouse," a catchphrase from a couple of years ago. Hicks says that that was more of a problem of certain Rangers being happy living here and playing in this market, and not being so concerned with winning. He says that isn't an issue now.

In light of the recent comments by some players, I'd have to agree with Hicks. There don't seem to be a lot of guys on the team who are content being Rangers 4 Life and playing .500 ball.

Galloway asks if it is "open ended" on Buck's future. Hicks says "very much so." Hicks says that "Buck will have a strong voice in this." He says that Buck has made D/FW his home, and he wants to know what Buck thinks about this.

Sounds to me like Hicks is trying to set things up so Buck can say he's resigning, that it is time to move on, he's burned out or something. And if not, he'll put the responsibility for the firing on Daniels.

Hicks says that the decision on the manager won't be dictated by marketing -- that a winning team will draw fans, and they won't axe Buck as a marketing ploy.

A bunch of business/revenue stuff...revenues are up, the goal of the team is to break even...ZZZZZZZZZZ...

You can hear the interview here...(thanks to Scott S for the link...)