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Friday morning stuff

What is going on in the N.L. Central is historic. The Astros are now a half-game back of the Cards, and the pitching matchups for this weekend -- with St. Louis facing Milwaukee, and Houston facing Atlanta -- favor the Astros.

The 2006 Cards could go down in history as the biggest chokers of all time.

Evan Grant has a piece in the DMN today, about Buck Showalter's future being up in the air right now.

Kat O'Brien has an article on Mark Teixeira's desire to be on a winning team, which includes this somewhat ominous line:

It is too soon for Teixeira to decide if he wants to remain a Ranger once he becomes eligible for free agency in two years.

I think folks here know my position on all this...keep Teixeira, do not keep Buck.

O'Brien also has some notes on Michael Young's defensive improvement this year.

And Jesse Sanchez has a lengthy feature piece on Vicente Padilla, looking at Padlila's background and upbringing and how it helped shape him.