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Edinson Volquez staying in the rotation

Remember how Edinson Volquez was getting bumped back in the rotation, due to the pending offdays?

Well, nevermind...

Evan Grant is reporting that Edinson Volquez will stay in the rotation:

The Rangers have decided that remaining starts are too precious for the young pitchers in their rotation - Volquez and Robinson Tejeda - to let the pitcher sit for long periods of time.

"There are eight starts left between the two of them and I'd like to divide up four and four," Showalter said. "If something changes and it's not in [Volquez's] best interests to start, we'll look at it."

The Ranger website, the DMN, and the S-T all talked on Sunday about Volquez getting skipped -- the S-T going so far as to have this quote from Buck:

Buck Showalter on Edinson Volquez missing any starts: "I think we'll stay in turn with the other four guys. Where that leaves Edinson, we'll see."

I have to wonder what prompted this sudden reversal.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I have to wonder if, after Buck went public about leaving the other four spots in the rotation intact and skipping Volquez, there wasn't some word sent down from the general manager's office, indicating that Volquez wasn't to be skipped.