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Wednesday morning things

Rangers win again last night, although it seems somewhat overshadowed by Tom Hicks opening his mouth and sticking his foot in it. Between Hicks and Buck Showalter, this organization must seem to be a really attractive place for players to want to come play for.

One of the few encouraging things from the DMN article on Hicks' comments, though, were the comments from Jon Daniels. He said, point blank, that if there was a lack of leadership, it starts with him, and that he takes responsibility for the team's disappointing season.

I have a hard time imagining his predecessor saying something like that.

T.R. Sullivan says Joaquin Arias has been called up to sit and learn. Meh.

Sturm made a bit of a dig at Sullivan and the folks in his blog yesterday...

Richard Griffin has a piece in the Toronto Sun on Vernon Wells, and the Blue Jays situation in regards to trying to sign him to an extension.