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OT -- Brett Favre, and the media's refusal to face reality

Sigh. From Peter King today:

For the record, Favre was the 25th-rated quarterback in the NFL this season (72.7). He had a career-high 613 pass attempts, a career-low 56.0 completion percentage. Eighteen touchdowns, 18 picks. Only five quarterbacks threw for more than his 3,885 yards. But I thought it was a far better season for Favre than last year. Coach Mike McCarthy worked with him on taking fewer low-percentage shots downfield, and I saw him make only one or two vintage dumb throws into double- or triple-coverage. I thought he played very well, considering the total inexperience at wide receiver (Greg Jennings, Ruvell Martin, Carlyle Holliday) and offensive line (Jason Spitz, Daryn Colledge, Tony Moll). If you'd have told me this Packers team would enter the final weekend with a shot at the playoffs and finish 8-8, I'd have scoffed. My wish: The Pack goes hard after Gonzalez, drafts a running back high, and takes one more shot with Favre. As McCarthy said a few weeks ago: "I think Brett could play two more years, easy.'' One would suffice.

* * *

I, for one, hope that was not Brett Lorenzo Favre's final game last night.

So, Favre turned 37 three months ago, and his coach is still having to work with him on playing smart.

He has a 2007 cap figure of $11.8 million.

He's on a not-very-good team that needs to be in rebuilding mode.

And the Packers drafted a very well regarded QB in the first round two years ago, someone who has only thrown 31 pro passes the past two seasons while backing up a guy who had a disastrous 2005 (Favre finished behind Anthony Wright, Brooks Bollinger, and Kyle Orton in passer rating that year) and a thoroughly sub-mediocre 2006 season that is somehow being portrayed as a renaissance.

Why, why, why are people like Peter King wanting Favre to continue to hang around? Why do so many folks in the media -- writers, announcers, whomever -- refuse to acknowledge the truth, that Favre is done?

I don't get it...