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Thursday a.m. things

Mark Mulder is gone to St. Louis, as everyone knows by now. Richard Durrett suggests Mulder was going to end up there regardless, and might have just been using Texas and Cleveland to juice some more cash out of the Cards.

Kat O'Brien reports on a town hall meeting the Rangers had last night. The main news is that all summer night games are going to start at 7:35, rather than 7:05, I move that I'm in favor of. Given how spread out the Metroplex is, and given where TBIA is located, sliding the start times back by a half-hour should help with attendance and allowing folks to get to the stadium on time.

There's also this item in O'Brien's piece, on Jason Botts:

On Botts, a DH/first baseman/outfielder who batted .309 with 13 home runs at Triple A Oklahoma last year before breaking his hamate bone, Daniels said: "He'll get every chance to compete for a spot on the club this year."

Meh. Not as encouraging as I would have hoped.

One of the things on Botts I've been thinking about...there are reports that some in the organization like him, some think he won't hit enough in the majors to be worthwhile.

And it makes me think back to Carlos Pena, another guy who, like Botts, had a long swing, some power, drew a lot of walks and struck out a lot. If I'm not mistaken, Rudy Jaramillo was an advocate of dealing Pena, believing that Pena's swing was such that he'd never live up to the hype. Jaramillo was, of course, proved correct.

So I have to wonder if maybe Jaramillo sees in Botts some of the same issues he saw with Pena, and is fueling some of the organizational resistance to relying on Botts.

Update [2007-1-11 10:50:52 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Just to clarify, I'm not advocating trading Botts, and I'm not saying I think he's going to be a bust. I want him to get 400 plate appearances as the Ranger DH next season.

I was simply throwing that out there about Pena because I was trying to figure out what was causing some in the organization to be down on Botts.