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McGwire, Maris, and steroid sanctimoniousness

Just read this article by Jon Heyman, supporting Roger Maris's family in their efforts to have MLB give Maris his single-season home run record back.

I hope Heyman doesn't fall off of his high horse and hurt something. Some of the crap he's spewing in this piece:

The right decision would be to put an asterisk on the whole steroid era. Baseball's powers have seemed disinclined to do that. Even so, Rich Maris is putting his faith in baseball's current inquiry, the Mitchell Investigation.

* * *

The writers did the right thing Tuesday, but what would really be fitting is for baseball to return the home-run record that was stolen from Roger Maris. That would be real justice. Roger Maris was once saddled with an asterisk he didn't deserve, and now Maris' family is hopeful a new asterisk can rightfully restore part of the record for Roger.

Really, Jon? We need to put an asterisk next to 11 years worth of stats, and say everything prior to that is the "real" baseball record?

What is particularly ridiculous about this is that, as has been well publicized, there are still PEDs that baseball can't test for (because there are no tests). And the NFL, despite years of drug testing, is thought to have more widespread PED use than baseball does.

Sanctimonious b.s. like this Heyman article pisses me off.