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Sam Narron update

Okay, I think folks are probably familiar with how Ranger draftee Sam Narron (the nephew of Jerry Narron) was unfairly rushed to the majors in 2004, made one start, then got sent back to the minors and dropped from the 40 man roster, resulting in him being claimed by the Brewers, in a classic piece of John Hart roster mismanagement.

Narron then dropped off the radar after undergoing T-J surgery and missing the entire 2005 season.

Anyway, there was a mention of him at BP today, as part of a piece on guys who have just one major league appearance, and they pointed out that Narron made it back to the minors last year, having a fairly solid half-season at the Brewers' high-A affiliate in the Florida State League.

Narron turned 25 last July, and thus is obviously way too old to be in high-A except for the fact he was coming back from the elbow injury, but still, this comeback is nice to see.

Narron got high marks while he was with the Ranger organization for things like knowing how to pitch and makeup, and he's someone I could see making it back to the big leagues as a reliever some day.

Anyway, just someone I thought I'd point out, who I think folks might want to keep an eye on and possibly root for.