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Monday stuff

Quiet MLK day. Basically nothing Rangers related out there.

T.R. Sullivan throws some questions out there on his blog this morning.

The Boston Herald reports that the BoSox are in on Roger Clemens, although apparently, the Rangers aren't being considered by Clemens.

Two other things of note from this Boston Herald piece. First, we have an update on the ongoing J.D. Drew saga:

The Sox are seeking to amend the language of the deal in order to provide protection in the event that Drew's surgically repaired right shoulder breaks down and leads to extended time lost. Boras insists that his client is healthy and that the shoulder shouldn't be an issue. The sides talked throughout last week and general manager Theo Epstein reiterated there is no need to be concerned that Drew won't be under contract soon.

I wonder if they'll get him signed before pitchers and catchers report...

Then there is this line, from Goose Gossage on non-HOFer Jim Rice.

"From my standpoint, there was no more fierce guy than Jim Rice," Gossage told the Rocky Mountain News. "No one scared me, but Jim Rice got my attention."...

Rice had a career .235/.235/.412 line against Goose. I guess it would have been better for Rice not to have gotten Gossage's attention...

Paul Sullivan says, in the Chicago Tribune, that Jacque Jones looks to be on his way out of Chicago, as the Cubs look to move him to create space for Cliff Floyd (whom they are apparently going to sign, but haven't yet).

There's been some talk that the Rangers might want to look at Jones, but I can't see that as a real attractive option. The Rangers already have three lefty-hitting OF/DH-types in Wilk, Lofton and Cat, and Jones' contract isn't real pretty. If it turns out that Wilkerson is done, I guess I might consider Jones as a late-spring acquisition, but right now, I'd pass.

And finally, the Phillies, unable to get a solid reliever for Jon Lieber thus far, have hedged their bets by adding Antonio Alfonseca on a one year deal.

Yeah, good luck with that.