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Some random Seinfeld trivia

Nothing going on today, so I'll post some random Seinfeld trivia, with the theme being guest stars...

  1. Who played the husband who Elaine was after, and whose doctor wife left him after George said she could do better than him?
  2. Who played the wife of #1?
  3. Who played the girlfriend of Jerry's who didn't have a square to spare?
  4. Who played Elaine's "himbo" boyfriend that fell while rockclimbing and smashed up his face?
  5. What sitcom character is the actor who played Dr. Tim Whatley better known for?
  6. Who played the Bubble Boy's dad?
  7. Who played the "George" character in the NBC pilot of "Jerry," the sitcom-within-a-sitcom Jerry and George created?
  8. Who played the boyfriend of Elaine who was turned off because her hair smelled of valet body odor?
  9. What former SNL'er played Elaine's roommate?
  10. Who played the airhead girlfriend of Jerry, that Jerry ends up dumping after his brain wins a chess match against his genitalia?
All of these guest stars are at least somewhat well known...there's no super-obscure actors or actresses in this list.

And again, no cheating, Googling, digging through your DVD collection, etc.

I'll post the answers later today.

Update [2007-1-15 15:18:43 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Answers after the jump.

1) Cary Elwes

2) Debra Messing

3) Jami Gertz

4) Dan Cortese (and am I the only one who thinks Dan Cortese and John Corbett look alike?)

5) Malcolm's dad from Malcolm in the Middle

6) Brian Doyle Murray

7) Jeremy Piven

8) Nick Bakay

9) Siobhan Fallon

10) Tawny Kitaen