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Friday Morning Items

I really enjoy seeing the Mavs beat the Lakers...

Not much Rangers related that I know of out there, but Andruw Jones is saying that he'd really like to finish his career with the Braves. Of course he's a Boras guy, so he'd be really going against history, and Atlanta isn't spending very freely these days. But we're continuing to see why you can't rely on the hope of future FA's to fill your holes.

On the other hand, Ken Rosenthal thinks that the Twins are up against it financially and that letting Torii Hunter go is the least of their troubles.

Elsewhere around the league, the Tribe has added Trot Nixon to its lineup, and the Braves have brought in long time Adam favorite Craig Wilson to replace Adam LaRoche, at least partially. But for those who think that the Braves were ripped in that trade, realize not only that they now have Wilson, but that the second player they received in that deal, Brent Lillibridge, is a hot prospect name these days, isn't too far away, and may be one of the best shortstop prospects around. Wilson is also the type of guy the Rangers might have brought in if they really were sure that they didn't want to give Jason Botts a spot, as opposed to a no risk flier like Sammy Sosa.