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Monday morning things

A few items out there to talk about today, besides the Parcells retirement...

Evan Grant discusses the Michael Young contract situation, and suggests a six year, $87 million extension for Young kicking in after the 2008 season.

That would probably be enough to get a deal done, and would lock Young up through his age 37 season. It would also be committing about $15 million per year from 2009-2014 to a guy who, realistically, is not likely to be a $15 million per year player over that stretch. A guy who, if he has to move off of shortstop, won't be worth anywhere near $15 million per year.

That's a deal that would produce warm fuzzies now, but in 2010-11 or so, will have folks grousing.

T.R. Sullivan throws out some Monday morning Sammy questions.

Mike Berardino reports that the D-Rays have been shopping Delmon Young and B.J. Upton, but that teams are leery about Upton's attitude. Berardino quotes a scout as saying he doesn't know "how much he wants to play," which is going to send up a huge red flag when you are talking about going after a guy based on his upside, not his current performance level.

Berardino also says that the Jays are looking to move either Reed Johnson or Alex Rios...if the Rangers get queasy about their outfield options this spring, either one of those guys could end up being an option.

And Dayn Perry ranks the g.m.s. He has Daniels ranked #23, calling his pursuit of Barry Zito "indefensible."

Mark Shapiro is ranked #13, Doug Melvin #14, and Tim Purpura -- who I think has done an awful job in Houston -- is #18.