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Tuesday a.m. things

So, what do we have today? Are you still thristing for Sammy Sosa stuff?

Well, T.R. Sullivan has some notes up on the Rangers website, saying that the Sosa deal is almost finalized, and the final details are being ironed out.

You know, I've been thinking about this...I'd probably be a little more comfortable with this deal if the Rangers were saying, Sosa is coming in to spring training to compete for a job, but given his layoff, we think he's going to be rusty, and we anticipate that he's going to have to spend a month to 6 weeks in AAA getting his timing back, etc. That would seem to be the better way to go about it, rather than saying, we'll bring him in and evaluate him off his spring performance...

And if you want more Sosa stuff, Kevin Kennedy offers his thoughts at Fox Sports.

Darin Erstad may return to the Angels after all. Oh, joy....

And among things that bring back bad memories of the John Hart era, Justin Duchscherer has agreed to a one year deal with the Oakland A's for $1,187,500, while Rudy Seanez has agreed to a minor league deal with the Dodgers.