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Friday a.m. stuff

Are you fired up about Jamey Wright??? Woo-hoo!!!


T.R. Sullivan has his "Friday Morning Happy Hour" blog post up...some interesting stuff, including the little factoid that Ichiro has been intentionally walked by the Rangers more than any other opposing batter...

The Cubs have released Glendon Rusch, eating $3.25 million that he was due for the 2007 season.

Richard Justice luvs him some Adam Everett...

The Mariners are apparently close to signing Jeff Weaver, who wants a one-year deal so he can re-enter the free agent market next season.

Signing with the Mariners gives him a great ballpark to pitch in, but Weaver would probably be better off finding an N.L. team to pitch for in 2007, if he wants to pad his numbers for a big contract next offseason.

U.S.S. Mariner blogger Dave Cameron likes the Mariners getting Weaver. So does Jeff Sullivan.