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Mariners to give Jeff Weaver $8,375,000

Scott Boras is a witch.

There's no other explanation for Jeff Weaver getting a 1 year, $8.375 million deal, plus another possible $1 million in performance bonuses, from the Seattle Mariners.

For those who have forgotten, Weaver was DFA'd by the Angels last season after posting a 6.29 ERA with them over 16 starts, and then traded to the Cards (with the Angels picking up most of his salary).

Weaver posted a 5.18 ERA with the Cards (good for an 85 ERA+), and has posted an ERA+ better than 100 just once in the last four years (in 2004, when he posted a 103 ERA+ for the Dodgers).

And yet, a solid September for the Cards, followed up with a strong postseason performance, apparently was enough to convince the Mariners that he's the real deal.