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Monday morning stuff

I'm ready for spring training to start, if only so I can have a few more things to talk about each morning.

Another zzzzzzzzzz day out there...

T.R. Sullivan has a lengthy blog post on Brad Wilkerson, saying, in essence, that fans need to give the guy a chance to show whether he's healthy after his shoulder surgery, given that he's been battling the shoulder problem since the middle of 2005.

The comments to T.R.'s piece suggest there are quite a few who think Wilkerson just sucks, that the shoulder has nothing to do with the strikeouts, etc. etc. etc. Of course, Wilkerson has always had high strikeout totals, and by this point, I should be used to the notion that certain players will simply be written off by some fans because they strike out too much. But it still frustrates me.

If we get the pre-injury Brad Wilkerson in 2007, then we have a very good player. And given that the shoulder surgery was done before the 2006 season was over, given how much time he has had to rehab, I don't think we should have a Carl Everett situation, where we have a guy who isn't back to normal until halfway through the season.

Jan Hubbard has a piece up on Ron Washington, an "In His Own Words" thing that has Washington expounding at length about his philosophy and what he sees the Rangers doing in 2007.

Jennifer Floyd Engel says the Ron Washington piece has her believing the Rangers will contend, but then says this:

Of course, I thought this last season, based on Phil Nevin and Adam Eaton. All ended in failure, at least in Texas, thus leading to another manager and another plan and another crap shoot in free agency.

Phil Nevin and Adam Eaton. It brings to mind this quote from Grizz at Blogging the Boys:

I'm getting mixed-feelings about hiring Turner now. I was strictly against it this morning, but after I read Jen Floyd Engel's article, I am not so sure. No, she didn't convince me that my feelings about Turner were in error, she actually agreed with me! And that's the exact moment when I started to question my own reasoning. If Jen Floyd Engel is in agreement with me, then I immediately think that I'm in error!