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More on the DirecTV/Extra Innings fiasco

Neil Best of New York Newsday has a good piece on the uproar over MLB doing an exclusive deal with DirecTV to carry MLB Extra Innings.

Best points out that the NFL has had an exclusive with DirecTV for some time, but that there hasn't been the same level of complaint because the NFL has always had an exclusive deal.

I think this is a point that is somewhat overlooked in all this...the anger seems to be from those who have had Extra Innings through their cable system, and who now feel they are getting the rug yanked out from under them. And I can understand the is just another example of MLB's tin-earred nature when it comes to its fans.

Maury Brown at BP goes over some of the details of the new deal, as well...

I've refused to order Extra Innings until they let me watch Rangers games in Houston. But as Best points out, MLB has done a lot to make games available to the fans, and their online experience is well ahead of what any other sport is doing.

But between the ridiculous blackout rules, and this latest DirecTV mess, they aren't getting the goodwill out of it that they should be.