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Dodgers sign Tsao

Interesting little deal here, as the Dodgers have signed Chin-hui Tsao to a major league deal.

Tsao was a stud pitching prospect for the Rockies in the early aughts, peaking at #15 overall per BA in 2001, but Tommy John surgery and then labrum problems sidelined him, and according to the linked article, Tsao hasn't pitched since May, 2005.

Tsao, in fact, was in the middle of what seems to be a pretty hexed group of highly ranked prospects in 2001. Check out this group of 10 from BA's top 100 list that year, going from #14-23:

  1. Drew Henson, 3b, Reds
  2. Chin-Hui Tsao, rhp, Rockies
  3. Antonio Perez, ss, Mariners
  4. Juan Cruz, rhp, Cubs
  5. Alex Escobar, of, Mets
  6. Jerome Williams, rhp, Giants
  7. Bobby Bradley, rhp, Pirates
  8. J.R House, c, Pirates
  9. Hee Seop Choi, 1b, Cubs
  10. Joe Borchard, of, White Sox
Who has had the best career from that group so far? Cruz? Bleah...