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A T.R. Sullivan explosion

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A lot of T.R. Sullivan stuff today...

There's a notes column up, which includes some quotes from Ron Washington about the type of attitude that he wants the team to have -- with Vicente Padilla identified by name as someone who Washington views as exemplary in that department.

There are also some quotes there from Jon Daniels about the turnover in the front office and how that has impacted the draft and farm system, with Daniels saying (not surprisingly) that they want more stability there.

Sullivan also has an article up on the state of the rotation, with Washington stating unequivocally that Robinson Tejeda will "have to pitch his way out of" the job to lose the #4 starter spot.

Sullivan says that that leaves Kam Loe, Josh Rupe, Jamey Wright, Francisco Cruceta, Edinson Volquez, and John Koronka vying for one job, given that the 1-2-3 slots are going to Millwood-Padilla-McCarthy.

I'd like to see Loe or Rupe win the job, but if the Rangers add Bruce Chen on a minor league deal, I think he could be a very intriguing possibility for that slot, as well. I can't see Cruceta or Volquez really being much of a factor, and Wright seems like your standard issue veteran fallback insurance policy.

Finally, Sullivan gets bloggy with some minor league notes. Of particular interest is Sullivan's indication that the Frisco rotation to start the season will likely be Hurley, Haigwood, Kometani, and Mathis.

Working backwards, we can figure that the AAA rotation will consist of some combo of Volquez, Diamond, Rupe, Loe, Wright, and Koronka, depending on who makes the major league rotation.

Sullivan also mentions 23 year old righty pitcher Luis Mendoza as someone the organization seems to be intrigued by. The Rangers got Mendoza from the BoSox for Bryan Corey last summer, and he's not really done anything in the minors, but his strong Mexican League campaign this winter seems to have gotten some folks' attention.