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Hairston back

Not sure about the money or for sure whether it's a major league deal, but Rangers are bringing back Jerry Hairston Jr. on a one year deal to compete for the utility job. Hairston does fit nicely in one way, that he can play most anywhere. I developed an aversion to him last year and was, maybe a bit irrationally, hoping that we wouldn't see him back. However maybe this is a good thing for Jason Botts and his supporters, because some of the other candidates that they have pursued for this role, such as Mark Loretta and Mark DeRosa, would have been viable options as a right-handed DH and bench bat. You can't say that about Hairston, which may aid Botts in at least sticking on the roster.

One additional note, if this is a major league deal, and I'm guessing that it's not, I believe that the Rangers would have to drop someone, as I believe their 40-man roster is full.

Update [2007-1-5 20:11:4 by zywica]: Grant Confirms on his DMN blog that it is in fact a minor league deal, which definitely makes sense.