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Draft order close to set

Jim Callis gives his weekly update on draft pick compensation in his "Ask BA" column today. As Callis mentions, the remaining Type B free agents (there are no Type A's left) are Mark Mulder (Cards), David Wells (Pads), Ron Villone (Yanks), Scott Schoeneweis (Reds), and the Ho (also Pads).

The Rangers' two first round picks at #17 and #24 are set at this point, as is their first supplemental pick at #38, since the Reds, the only of the above teams with a worse record than the Rangers, have already been awarded one supplemental pick themselves.

In addition, the Rangers' second supplemental pick, currently #52, can move down at most two slots, if the Yankees and Reds lose Villone and Schoeneweis. So that pick will be between #52 and #54.

The last Rangers supplemental pick, currently at #59, could only be bumped an additional slot if Mulder signs with the Rangers or Indians. The Padres are not a factor because they have already been awarded four supplemental picks.

Last, if all of the remaining five compensation FAs do sign elsewhere and the Diamondbacks do fail to sign Max Scherzer (which also isn't likely in my opinion), the Rangers' second round pick would fall six slots from its current slot at #80.

So we now know that the Rangers' first six picks will be:

1. 17
1. 24
1s. 38
1s. 52-54
1s. 59-62
2. 80-86

As we've been saying, this will be a good opportunity, in a solid draft, for the Rangers to restock a farm system that is not deep in position players and can always use more pitching.

Also, Grady Fuson must think he's died and gone to Heaven, going from his first draft in Texas where he had only one selection in the first over 150 picks to this upcoming one where he could have as many as seven of the first 70.