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Will Carroll on Brad Wilkerson, a year ago

Last season was a disaster for Brad Wilkerson, mainly because of health reasons. Will Carroll had this to say about Wilkerson coming into 2006:

Wilkerson plays like Lenny Dykstra to cover for his substandard range; he's always running into walls or diving into the turf, playing at 110%, and worst of all, he never sits out his injuries. The nerve problem in his arm last year was worrisome, but the shoulder injury is what really bothers us. If the shoulder is all better, then this light would be a greener shade of yellow, but all those cortisone shots he had last year don't bode well.

Remember, this was before Wilk's awful 2006 season. Wilkerson sat out a couple of games in August, 2005, with the shoulder problem, and his production declined precipitously as 2005 went on as he dealt with it. In retrospect, he probably should have had the shoulder operated on after the 2005 season.

Anyway...Wilkerson seems to be progressing well on his rehab, and a healthy, productive Wilkerson would go a long way towards making this a solid, playoff-caliber offense.