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Monday morning stuff

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Zzzzzzzz...another quiet Monday morning on the baseball front...

T.R. Sullivan says there's no news on the Mark Mulder front, and hints that the Rangers think that's bad news for them, with Mulder possibly waiting for the Cards to match the best offer he's gotten from Cleveland and Texas.

Sullivan also asks this question:

The Yankees traded Randy Johnson to the Diamondbacks for four players. If you were the Rangers, would you have been willing to get Johnson by trading Akinori Otsuka, Thomas Diamond, Eric Hurley and Nate Gold?

I wouldn't, of course, but what makes this question jump out at me is that that package blows away what the Yankees actually got for Johnson. Most of the commentary I've seen on the deal praised the D-Backs for giving up very little in terms of actual value for the Big Unit...

Also, you can read Paul Ladewski's explanation -- such as it is -- for blackballing players from the "Steroid Era" in the Hall of Fame balloting...