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Famous names trivia

Okay, there's no baseball tonight, and nothing for me to blog about that would take me less than a couple of hours to do (and I don't have a couple of hours to spare today), so I'm going to put up some trivia...

Here's a list of people's names (real names). I want you to give the name by which each of these people is more commonly known as. For example...if I said Archibald Leach, the correct answer would be Cary Grant.

Here you go:

  1. Edward Heimberger
  2. Michael Douglas
  3. Daryl Dragon
  4. Andre Young
  5. David Evans
  6. Ellen Naomi Cohen
  7. Aristotle Savalakos
  8. John Aufenstein
  9. Eric Wright
  10. Mary Ann Evans
  11. Natalie McIntyre
  12. William Drayton
Answers will come later. As usual, no Googling, looking up, etc.

Update [2007-10-17 21:41:29 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Answers after the jump

  1. Edward Heimberger -- Eddie Albert
  2. Michael Douglas -- Michael Keaton
  3. Daryl Dragon -- The Captain
  4. Andre Young -- Dr. Dre
  5. David Evans -- The Edge
  6. Ellen Naomi Cohen -- Mama Cass
  7. Aristotle Savalakos -- Telly Savalas
  8. John Aufenstein -- Ryan Seacrest
  9. Eric Wright -- Eazy E
  10. Mary Ann Evans -- George Eliot
  11. Natalie McIntyre -- Macy Gray
  12. William Drayton -- Flava Flav