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Ummm...more weird legal/NFL news

Two weird legal/NFL stories in one day.

First, the Pats and StubHub.

Now, the fact that the Vegas strip club manager who was paralyzed when he was shot while Pacman Jones was at the club is suing, among others, the Tennessee Titans and the NFL, because...well, from the article:

"The fact that the NFL and the Titans did not punish Adam 'Pacman' Jones until after Tommy was paralyzed is a proximate cause of Tommy's injuries," Dushoff said before a news conference at a Henderson hotel with Urbanski and his wife, Kathleen.

* * *

Urbanski, a former professional wrestler, was shot four times and was left paralyzed from the waist down in the Feb. 19 shooting. He spent several months rehabilitating at a Denver hospital before moving in August to a hotel in Henderson because his house has not been outfitted to accommodate a wheelchair.

Urbanski told reporters he holds the NFL responsible for his injuries because he believed they ignored Jones' previous run-ins with police.

"Even 'three strikes and you're out' and this wouldn't have happened to me," Urbanski said at a news conference with his schoolteacher wife.

* * *

"We've done our homework on this. If Jones had been disciplined earlier, more likely than not, he would not have been invited as NFL player Pacman Jones to the club," Dushoff said.

* * *

Employment law attorney Kathy England said Nevada law could limit Urbanski's attempts to link the case to the NFL and the Titans. State law protects employers from injury caused by an employee's intentional conduct if the employee is on his own time, she said.

Dushoff argues Jones was invited to the club as a representative of the NFL.

Police and prosecutors in Las Vegas allege that Jones sparked the melee inside the club when he threw cash on stage, an act dubbed "making it rain," and became enraged after two dancers began scuffling over the money.

* * *

Urbanski's lawsuit alleges assault, battery, emotional distress, conspiracy and negligence and claims Urbanski's injuries were caused by the actions of Jones and unnamed others "within the scope of their employment" with the NFL and the Titans.

It says Harlem Knights invited Jones to the club and gave him VIP treatment "because Jones is a prominent NFL football player."

"The NFL and the Titans had the authority and the duty to discipline Jones for conduct on or off the field that was detrimental to the Titans and/or the NFL," according to the suit.

Yeah, good luck with that. I think the NFL has a better chance of collecting attorneys fees against the "former professional wrestler" as sanctions than he has of getting a dime out of the league.