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Some fan mail

I got this email the other day, and found it rather amusing...I thought I'd share it with you guys...

Dear Pundit,
Isn't it enough that we have to put up with the factual/statistical impotency of the GREAT T.R. and the oh, so secretive "inside sources/a prominent scout with another division rival, sources inside the player personell department, or unidentifed sources within the club" crap of Baseball America without the recommendation of your Blog?
Now you want to bring in more " Pundits" like Project Prospect. When did T.R Sullivan and the rest of become authorities? What was the date in time that Baseball America became "THE" authority on the game? And now Project Prospect? Are you kidding? Wa-a-ay too many "sources" and not near enogh factual, relevant, credible, information. A BLOG does not make you a journalist nor an authority. "Line drive to pop-up ratio"????
Holy Jesus! Please take me now Lord. Are you kidding me?!!!! Learn how to write, learn what the numbers really mean, allow your reader to use his/her intellect, and STOP telling us what we "should know", esp. when you don't have a clue yourself. We, the fans, are tired of losers like you, Baseball America, T.R. Sullivan, and every other "poser" like you intimating that we don't get it, so you have to tell us, blah, blah,blah.
Soon the players will take back the locker-room and treat it like the sanctuary it is and soon, but not soon enough, fans will once again be able to find reliable, accurate, verifiable, information. "Newberg/Lonestar Dugout/, etc????
You're all just making a buck of of someone else's investment and time. Go somewhere else and generate a paycheck that's really justifiable. PROJECT PROSPECT - Are you kidding me?

Someone needs to start breaking the Prozac in half, I think...